Each month we post a new full month meal plan of food we eat! We train, live, and eat by example. 

Eat like Coach Johnny

I keep it simple. Simple meals, few ingredients, and with simple preparation. In culinary school, I learned the fundamental cooking techniques. These techniques are a game changer to making real food fast, fun, and delicious. 

Nutrition is a science, but it's not rocket science. I eat meat. I eat salad. I eat when I'm hungry. The most important part of nutrition is doing it well, consistentlyThe best meal plan is a sustainable meal plan.

P.S. - Waffles are awesome

Eat Intentionally,

- Coach Johnny

Eat like Coach Jaymi

My cooking style is throw SHT in a pan and feed an army. Simple, fast, and in large quantity. You never know who may be coming over, and we love leftovers. Feeding my family fuels my heart and soul. With this style of cooking, cast iron skillets and crock pots are awesome.

My personal ethos of eating is if it's real food, and tastes good, it's all good. I pay no mind to macro this or calorie that. I eat food, I eat it consistently. 

P.S. - I eat carbs, and love bacon.


- Coach JAYMI