(Essentials and Full Gym) – Day 4 3 sets: - 10 kang squats with a dumbbell or barbell

- 10 dumbbell or kettlebell swings Take note of how much you feel the load in your back, glutes, and hamstrings.

WORKOUT (Essentials and Full Gym) Repeat the cycle for 20 minutes: - 35 dumbbell squats (medium weight, large volume) - 100 hops over a dumbbell (large volume) - 35 dumbbell squats - 200 jump ropes (large volume)

Movement Options:

jump rope

Goal RPE: 6-8

REFLECTION: The Small Things

What are some "small things" that are bumming you out?

From time to time, we need put a proper perspective on some of the worries we have in life. At the end of our days, we are most likely going to look back on most worries we have as "small things".

We have three options to manage these "small things":

1) Resolve it. Sometimes making the best decision with what you know, or making a decision to choose the best of bad choices.

2) Table it. Acknowledge it is a legit worry, but put it off to the side for now, so you can focus on the more important concerns.

3) Let it go. Sometimes it is as simple as that. Just stop giving a f*$& and let it go.