Repeat 20 minutes:

- 50 situp

- 40 single dumbbell clean

- 30 single dumbbell snatch

- 20 two-dumbbell clean

- 10 two-dumbbell snatch

HIIT (10 rounds, :20 work/:10 fire build)

- high knee

- mountain climber

- hop over dumbbell

- burpee over dumbbell

REFLECTION: “A BETTER ___________”

We all have some role we know we could work at being better at. A better father, mother, spouse, or friend. What role would you like to work at being better?

The first step is not what you can do to be better. The first step is recognizing WHY you have not done better already. What is holding you back from being better? Often times it is some obstacle in our head.

What is this obstacle for you?