2.6.21 WORKOUT


Repeat 2 times:

- 2:00 jump rope

- :30 fire build

- 2:00 air squat

- :30 fire build

- 2:00 knee tuck

- :30 fire build

- 2:00 dumbbell reverse lunge

Goal rounds: 1-2


What are you most grateful for today?

Without intention, we can easily focus too much on the worries of life; most of which we have no control over.

Fill your mind with Friendly Reminders of how fortunate you are. When the scales tip towards a more grateful mindset, this is when happiness happens.

Weekend Reflection Homework: What is the best advice you have ever received? How have you applied this advice in the past? How can you better apply this advice in your future?

Do SOMETHING this weekend to apply this advice.