09.25.20 WORKOUT

MOVEMENT FOCUS: CORE (Essentials and Full Gym) – Review Day 4 sets: - :20 hollow hold - :10 fire build - :20 superman - :10 fire build Take note of how well you’re able to keep your lower back pressed to the ground in the hollow, and how well you’re about to lift up your chest and thighs in the superman. Record any observations you’ve made about your core during the week.

WORKOUT Complete 3 cycles: - 30 power cleans (light weight, medium-light volume) - 60 situps (medium-light volume) - 20 alternating pistol squats (medium-light volume)

Movement Options:

power clean

pistol squat

Goal RPE: 7-9 Suggested timecap: 18 minutes

REFLECTION: YOUR ROLE MODELS Find an opportunity over the weekend to emulate one or more of the characteristics you admire about your role models.